IN THE EYES OF MADNESS is a Young Adult Paranormal Urban Fantasy by Michael Pang. It tells the story of a 17 year old boy who struggles between accepting the possibility that extraordinary things can happen in the world we live in or the possibility of impending insanity inherited through his mother. The novel is volume one of the Declan Peters Chronicles series; the beginning of a new epic adventure.


 “It’s a fun ride to go on with him.  It’s exciting, and interesting.” – Paij Slater, Book Reviewer 

The journey that results will inject ‘rehab’ with an entirely new interpretation that skirts the boundaries of reality and supernatural worlds in a tense saga that’s engrossing and hard to put down.” – Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Review (July 2015 issue)

“An engaging world of adventure, suspense, and intrigue that will captivate readers from everywhere.” – Danielle Urban, Reviewer of Universal Creativity EZine (June 2015 issue)

I look forward to reading more of the writer’s highly addictive writing style. I predict this book will be met with award winning honors.” Suzie Housley, Midwest Reviewer (June 2015 issue)

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A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions.

Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she’s being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality.

What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he’s ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he’s yet known. In a place, rife with demonic possession and sadistic beings, will Declan finally be able to find the answers he’s longed for before its too late or will he succumb to the evil forces that inhabit the institution and all who live there?

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